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Disinfection Service

We sanitize and disinfect all the kitchen area, washroom, utensils, all the rooms and furniture without time-consuming scrubbing and polishing. If you think your house or office requires disinfecting and sanitizing in Dubai, Royal Standard gets the job done.

Quality We Ensure

We provide a wide range of disinfection and sanitization services for every need including any customization requests.

Experienced Workers

Our trained and experienced team are background verified and highly trained for the job.

Royal Stand provides smart and intelligent disinfection and sanitization service that keeps an eye on things you don’t want to see. By constantly monitoring and instant reacting, we help prevent costly infestations in an environmentally-friendly way

Disinfection Services by Royal Standard UAE

To ensure top grade quality and protection, we propose using Vital Oxide, which is a hospital grade disinfectant, DM approved, and certified to kill 99.99% COVID19.   The other disinfectant used is also DM approved, however, not certified to kill COVID-19, but effective against general viruses. 

To further highlight the quality of disinfection work by Royal Standard, please note as follows: 

  • Royal Standard has disinfected 1,000+ properties since March-2020 
  • All our crew have undergone training to conduct the disinfection tasks. 
  • Our Professionals will bring all necessary materials (machine, sanitizing solution, cloths, mask, overall and gloves) – a power outlet is required to connect the machine. 
  • Surfaces are sprayed with the sanitization and disinfectant solution and left to for 10-15 mins to dissolve and automatically absorbed within the surface – no rinsing or wiping is required. 
  • The sanitization solution is a mixture of water and disinfectant and is safe to use around children, pets and on all surface types. More about the disinfectant below:
    • Disinfectant used: Vital Oxide 
    • EPA registered 
    • Hospital grade disinfectant 
    • Kills 99.999% bacteria and viruses 
    • No rinse or wipe required as it breaks down into simple salt producing no harmful by-products 
  • We recommend that all windows and doors be closed and AC turned off during the process as well as 15-20 minutes after the sanitization session is completed. 
  • Depending on how well cleanliness is maintained, the disinfectant will protect the house/office for up to 30 days with Vital Oxide 
  • All our professionals undergo thorough training on the disinfection process, best methods, disinfectant being used, benefits of the sanitization, etc., to be able to explain it to clients adequately 
  • Our professionals wear appropriate uniform – protective overall, gloves and mask – for all sessions 
  • Our professional are able to understand and communicate in English 
  • A clean set of materials is used for each session. Such as microfiber cloths (kitchen, bathroom & general) and pair of gloves 

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Disinfection Service in Dubai

Experienced People can help you more.

To keep your home sanitized and improve hygiene we recommend to schedule disinfection and sanitization services catered by only the best team.

Frequently Ask Questions

Royal Standard's general and specialized disinfection and sanitizing services are available in UAE. Using advance odourless disinfectants our well trained and experienced team carry out complete sanitization and disinfection for homes and offices.

Disinfection and sanitization service of a regular apartment takes 30 minutes however the duration varies with the size of the apartment.

We use disinfectant a transparent, colorless, and odorless liquid. It is a broad spectrum disinfectant for all kinds of surfaces (floors, walls, tables, pipelines, and equipment). We use hospital-grade surface disinfectant for disinfecting the surfaces for the elimination of viruses and sanitization of the surfaces. The chemical is safe to use around children and pets as it is food grade. 


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